2021 Registration Cancelled.

Due to Covid-19 the festival committee has unanimously decided that this year's festival will take an additional one year hiatus. This allows us an opportunity to overhaul and improve many aspects of the festival over the next year so that the 2022 Midland Y's Men's Music Festival will be the best ever!

Over the next year as we work to revamp the festival, we trust teachers, parents and students will continue to be engaged with our musical journey, and we urge everyone to assist us with this overhaul. We welcome your participation on the committee and urge you to contact the director, Victoria Warwick, for ways you can become involved in this project. warwick.victoria130@gmail.com

Our Mission Statement:

The Midland Y’s Men’s Music Festival encourages the study and advancement of music from the Renaissance to the 21st Century, while providing youth of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to perform, to be adjudicated by music professionals and to be rewarded.

Our Philosophy:

The goals of the Y’s Men’s Music Festival are to:
  • provide students motivation to develop a high level of performance;
  • provide students opportunity to hear other students perform, thus stimulating their desire for growth;
  • provide students opportunity to compare their own standard of achievement with those of other students;
  • provide students an environment where the quality of material performed is stressed;
  • provide students an event in which they can receive objective and constructive criticisms of their performance;
  • provide music teachers with a setting in which they may appraise their own standard of accomplishment; and
  • to provide the community with a source of enjoyment for both performers and listeners.

Our 77th Year!

Begun in 1945 the Music Festival has been held each year ever since.

The Midland Music Festival is a not-for-profit organization that relies entirely on the support of our volunteers and donors like you. Please help us continue the work of the Festival by clicking the Donate button below.